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Energy Marketing – The New Fundamentals for Every Marketer

The One Guide You Need to Navigate Energy Marketing Today. Whether you are new to the energy industry or a seasoned program implementer who wants to better how marketing works in your industry, our free guide was designed for you.   …


Quick Read: Wondering What Google FAQ Schema Is and If You Should Use It?

This is a quick-read piece meant to get you useful and interesting information quickly. I’m foregoing all of the “storytelling” so you can understand and use the info right away. Our data and experience show that adding this markup can increase your traffic by up to 15%, your CTR by 50% or more and raise

How To Market Your Products And Services Using Tiktok?

Are you a business owner or marketer looking for new and creative ways to market your products and services? If so, you need to put TikTok into your media/marketing mix. TikTok is a social media platform that allows users to create and share short videos with others. Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook

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10 Energy Marketing Strategies to Attract and Retain Customers

6min. Read The energy sector has transformed dramatically in the last two years. Traditional energy marketing approaches can’t satisfy changed customer expectations because customers now have more ability than ever to seek out alternative providers as deregulation increases. So how do you retain current energy customers and attract those that you have lost?  Here are

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WFH –How to Video Conference Like A Pro – Tips and Tricks Part 2

Advice from a 10yr. WFH video conference veteran. Read Time: 4:00min. It’s just the two of us here so let’s admit– you want to look good on camera! Whether you’re video conferencing for that big CNN interview or that arduous weekly “touch base” with your boss–you want to look your best. Professionalism, vanity, both–it doesn’t

WFH – How To Video Conference Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks Part 1

Advice from a 10yr. WFH video conference veteran. Read Time: 4:00min. We’re all trying to adjust to WFH (working from home), having our noisy families outside of our home offices and just plain coping with the stress of what’s happening in the world. To try and help ease your stress a little I’ve put together

Top 5 Energy Marketing Trends in 2020

In 2020 it’s game on for utility marketers. With pressure from utility leaders to generate incremental revenue, customers demanding whole new types of engagement; and the expectations of regulators and shareholders to be good corporate citizens, utility marketers are under more pressure than ever to “get the marketing right”.

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