This Texas software development company facilitates improved employee communication
and experiences through its multiple offerings.

How IDLab Drove Leads, Sales & Brand Awareness to (Re)Build Korbyt’s Reputation in the Workforce Optimization SaaS Market 

Putting lead generation at the point of the spear, in the first 90 days IDLab drove an average of nearly 10 qualified leads per day into the pipeline and lifted brand awareness by 2.5x in less than six months.

+ Region                                      + Company Size
North America Medium

+ Media Used
Paid Search, Paid Social, SEO, Content Marketing, Events, Video, Review Sites, 3rd-Party Lead Engines, Email and Display Ads (GDN & Premium)

+ Industry                                 + Key Topic
SaaS B2B Lead Gen & Brand Marketing
+ Services
Video production, email, direct mail, SEO, message platform, brand architecture, content creation & marketing, copywriting, analytics, and design services

Exceeded lead generation forecasts
by 3x for both MQLs and SQLs. 

3x market brand awareness lift
as measured by brand keyword searches.

Built sustainable top-of-funnel marketing tactics
by introducing and executing display ads, retargeting ads, conquest, paid search, review sites, landing pages, and content marketing to increase lead volume and brand awareness.  

Optimized the sales process
from promotion through close via Salesforce.

Revamped marketing support for Customer Contact Center
by relaunching the Contact Center Products and creating and executing a full marketing plan that included display ads, PR, content marketing, and thought leadership initiatives.


Established a solid foundation for PR and thought leadership
by organizing and guiding PR initiatives, as well as overseeing the PR team. Additionally, we created fresh content to showcase Korbyt as THE industry thought leader.

"IDLab keeps hitting it out of the park for us! The team is super easy to work with and the great results just keep coming."
Gregg Apirian
Korbyt CMO

Introduced precise targeting 

through ABM and advanced geotargeting. We focused our collective resources on specific buyer personas, roles, companies and where the buyers were in their purchase journey – leaning heavily into potential buyers that were in-market versus those that were merely interested in the topic of workforce engagement.

Utilizing high-value lead generation tactics

 (i.e., lead magnets, PPC advertising, optimized landing pages, and email campaigns) brought Korbyt phenomenal results. This goes to show that it’s worth focusing on proven ABM tactics, as opposed to getting distracted by passing fads. 

Leveraging strategic media partnerships

including DemandWorks and SmartBrief, allowed us to amplify Korbyt’s brand reach even further; engage with a more qualified audience, and ultimately drive more qualified leads into the sales funnel.

“As a performance-centric agency, it was gratifying to see how the measurable and material growth we delivered to Korbyt’s bottom and top line. Blowing the doors off of their projections within the first 90 days alone was fantastic for all of us – even the board was happy.” 

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