What Does The Impending IOS 17 Privacy Update Mean For Marketers?

We’ve been hearing whispers and rumors of a looming Apple privacy update that could complicate things (to put it mildly) for marketers. In fact, if you believe the rumors, most of the data in UTM (aka, Urchin Tracking Module) parameters will be stripped, making it extremely difficult to track the behavior of the customers/leads you

How to Transition Utility Customers to Opt-In & Default TOU Rates – the Right Way

Transitioning customers to Time-of-Use (TOU) rates presents a challenge for any utility, but it’s also an important step toward a more sustainable and cost-effective energy future. TOU rates incentivize customers to shift their energy consumption to off-peak hours, reducing strain on the grid during peak hours and helping to reduce overall energy costs – in

AI-enabled robot shaking hands with a man in a suit

How to Maximize the Benefits of AI as a Client of a Marketing Agency

You’ve heard the buzz. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has supposedly revolutionized the digital marketing landscape, offering incredible opportunities for businesses to streamline their operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive better results. But you may be asking yourself, should my marketing agency use AI? And if they should use AI, how do I ensure my agency uses

Woman backlit with a VR headset

Is the Metaverse Dead?

You’ve heard the talk: the metaverse is dead. Global searches for the term “metaverse” have dropped by 80%, and nearly two thirds of US adults still don’t understand the hype. Is there any hope at all for this concept that tech giant and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg invested over $10,000,000,000 in? If so, that’s a

Stressed out businessman worried about installing GA4.

GA4 Myths & Truths for Business & Marketing Leaders

Have you heard about these companies that are stressing over GA4? (That’d be Google Analytics 4, for you fans of the long form.) Well… maybe you should be one of those stress-obsessed. Just look at some of what’s got businesses losing sleep (and clicking links) as they wonder and worry about how GA4 can impact

AI Writers & Content Generators for Marketing: A Blessing or a Curse?

The question of whether AI writers and content generators are a blessing or a curse for marketers is one that has been debated heavily in recent months. On the one hand, these automated tools can provide marketers with huge amounts of content that can be used to engage audiences and attract more customers. On the

What is Web3? What is the Metaverse? Are Web3 and the Metaverse the Same Thing?

Can you feel it in the air? It’s FOMO Season. That good ol’ “Fear Of Missing Out” that rolls in when there’s some new trend or technology, rich in promise and bursting with buzzwords. The bearer of today’s FOMO crown? Few would dispute the rule of Web3 and with it, the metaverse. “Surprisingly” there are

A gray and stormy scene with an umbrella and a text overlay saying - Here's how to navigate your marketing in an uncertain economy.

A 12-Step Program for Marketing in an Economic Downturn

“Hope for the best, expect the worst.” In troubled times, it’s classic counsel — not to mention being the title of a classic Mel Brooks’ song, at that. We’re all trying our best to keep a stiff spine as we collectively stare anxiously into the shadowy face of economic uncertainty (so far inflation is bad

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