AI Writers & Content Generators for Marketing: A Blessing or a Curse?

The question of whether AI writers and content generators are a blessing or a curse for marketers is one that has been debated heavily in recent months. On the one hand, these automated tools can provide marketers with huge amounts of content that can be used to engage audiences and attract more customers. On the other hand, there is always the possibility that this AI-generated content may lack quality, originality, and accuracy when compared to content produced by human writers.

AI writers have become increasingly popular among businesses due to their ability to quickly create large volumes of content at relatively low cost. This makes them attractive options for companies looking to save money while still producing high-quality material. However, it’s important to remember that AI generated content won’t be able to capture the nuances, creativity and emotion that can only come from a human writer.

What is AI Writing Software?

AI writing software is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) system that can produce written text from a given set of inputs. These inputs can include keywords, phrases, and articles about specific topics or ideas that the AI writer has been programmed to understand. The resulting content is often accurate and devoid of errors due to the fact that it’s generated by an algorithm instead of a human being.

What are the Benefits of AI Writing Software?

AI writing software can be used to produce content for websites, blogs, and other online publications. It can also generate reports, articles, and other documents for businesses. AI writing software is beneficial because it saves time, effort and money that would otherwise be spent on manual content creation. Additionally, AI writing software can help produce content that is more objective and accurate than that created by a human writer.

The most significant benefit of using AI writing software is its accuracy and efficiency. Unlike human writers, AI writers are capable of producing large amounts of high-quality content in a relatively short amount of time without compromising on quality. Additionally, since AI generated content is typically error-free and more consistent than manually composed writing, it helps cut back on editing costs significantly.

How GPT-3 Is Shaking Up Content Creation

GPT-3, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, developed by OpenAI, is a revolutionary new Artificial intelligence powered language model that has the potential to dramatically improve the quality of content creation. GPT-3 works by predicting what words might come next in a sentence and can be used to generate natural-sounding passages of text. It does this by analyzing the context of the words around it and using a vast database of data to understand the intended meaning.

GPT-3 has been making waves in content creation due to its advanced capabilities and potential to revolutionize the way content is produced. GPT-3 uses an incredibly large dataset of text samples to generate human-like writing and produce original content quickly. This makes it ideal for marketers, SEO professionals, and writers who are looking for a reliable solution to quickly create high quality, error-free content without having to spend endless hours doing research or proofreading.

Ultimately, GPT-3’s ability to think like a human writer creates exciting opportunities for businesses that need high quality content on a tight deadline. It can be used to create blog posts, articles, web page content and even white papers in a fraction of the time compared to manual writing.

Additionally, GPT-3’s advanced capabilities can be used to analyze customer feedback and generate customized marketing messages that resonate with customers more effectively than traditional methods. Ultimately, GPT-3 is an innovative new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way content is created and distributed across the internet. With its ability to quickly generate high quality content with minimal effort, it provides an exciting opportunity for businesses to save time and resources while boosting their online presence.

GPT-3’s capabilities are not limited to just content creation though; it also has powerful applications in natural language processing and conversational AI. By leveraging this technology, businesses can create more sophisticated chatbot systems that are better equipped to accurately answer customer queries and understand complex commands. This type of system could help streamline customer support processes, resulting in a better overall customer experience.

GPT-3 is an incredibly powerful tool that has the potential to transform how content creation and natural language processing are done online. Its ability to quickly generate high quality content with minimal effort makes it a very attractive option for businesses looking for ways to improve their online presence and increase efficiency.

Ai Content Tools – How They Stack Up

With ChatGPT as the core, developers have created applications specifically for marketers , content creators, and customer support teams. While there are many products out there with more on the way each week, we evaluated 10 that we believe stand out.

The most notable aspect of these tools are their ability to generate content that is both accurate and engaging. The AI-driven algorithms used by each tool can go beyond simple text generation and incorporate marketing data, language processing, and natural language understanding (NLU) to generate content that reads like it was written by a human.


Writing has just become easier with the power of Jasper Ai(Formerly Known As Jarvis)! Whether it’s blog posts, articles, or poems – you can now craft unique and engaging content like never before. With its AI-based command feature all you have to do is start your sentence & let Jasper take over from there; creating masterful pieces that fit seamlessly in any writing style & tone. Bring out the true writer inside you with one amazing tool: Jasper Ai!

Unlock your words’ full potential with Jasper! Their automated process not only guarantees you perfect grammar, punctuation and capitalization – it takes things even further by transforming what you write into stunning images. No more random photos gracing the pages of documents; now each one is adorned with an appropriate background that brings out all the emotion in your carefully crafted text.


  • YouTube Video Description Generator
  • Google My Business Listing
  • SEO Meta Description & Meta Title Generator
  • Find & Replace
  • Blog Posts Generator
  • Over 11K Fonts & 2500 Writing Styles
  • Surfer SEO Integration
  • Supports Over 25 Languages
  • Live Chat Support


  • Free Trial – up to 10K words
  • Starter plan costs $29/mo – 20K words/month
  • Boss Mode Plan costs $59/mo – 50K words/month


WordAI is a revolutionary AI-based content spinner that takes your original piece, reworks it into something completely unique and packs in all the essence of what you wrote! The only catch? You have to give WordAI the source text. However, its new copies will be far superior – they’ll provide better clarity and flow as well as enhanced sentence structures for maximum readability.

WordAI takes the writing game to a whole new level using its machine-learning model! Stop wasting time trying to craft perfect articles from scratch – just upload your article in .txt format and WordAI will do all of the work for you. It’ll spin it into unique versions that seem like they were written by an actual human – so effortlessly, too!


  • Unique Titles Generator
  • AI-Based Article Spinner
  • Bulk processing Articles
  • Language models: English, French, Italian, and Spanish
  • Paraphrases Sentences
  • Integrates With Copyscape
  • Correct Spelling & Grammar
  • Split Sentences


  • 3-day free trial right away.
  • Monthly plan costs $57/month
  • Annual plan costs $27/month billed annually

Enterprise plan – Contact the WordAI sales team.


Rytr – Looking to maximize your content creating efficiency? Rytr – a breakthrough artificial intelligence tool allows you to take that task off of your plate! All it takes is entering in any keyword or area of focus with desired tone selections and watch as Rytr works its magic before your very eyes–saving time & boosting lead conversion along the way.

Rytr makes it faster and easier than ever to create fresh content for your blog posts. Pump out engaging, unique articles in seconds with this writing assistant – no more waiting around or worrying about getting stuck in a rut!


  • Sentence Formatting
  • 20+ Use Cases
  • Support for 30 Languages
  • 25 Content Types
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Style Editor
  • Easy To Use Interface


  • Free – 5K words/month.
  • The Saver plan – $9/month- $90/year – 50K words/month
  • The Unlimited plan – $29/mo – unlimited content


Article Forge is revolutionizing website ranking on search engines with its use of eight powerful deep learning models. These models provide not only original, high-quality content but also a plagiarism free guarantee that other AIs simply can’t match! Stop relying on mediocre AI’s and start elevating your site today with Article Forge.

Article Forge is a game-changer in content creation! With just a few quick clicks, you can generate the highest quality articles that would pass any human scrutiny – from typos to grammar. No matter what kind of keyword or information needs inputting into create your piece, it will be ready within 60 seconds for use. Check out this revolutionary tool today and experience effortless writing!


  • Schedule Posting On WordPress
  • Fast & Efficient Article Generation
  • Lengthy Article Generation
  • Adds Videos, Titles, and Heading Automatically
  • Grammatical & Spelling Check
  • Support for 7 languages
  • Create Entire Blog Posts From Scratch
  • Add Links Automatically


  • 5-day free trial
  • Standard plan $57/mo or $27/mo yearly – 250K words/month
  • Unlimited plan costs $117/mo or $57/mo – unlimited words


With WriteSonic by your side, e-commerce brands and digital agencies can breathe a sigh of relief. This AI-powered content creation tool is the superhero marketers have been waiting for! No more worrying about filling up pages with high quality copy: in mere minutes you’ll be able to craft professionally written product descriptions, landing page copy or even ads – freeing up time to focus on other important tasks.

With just a few clicks, WriteSonic can whip up awe-inspiring blog posts and enlightening poetry – all thanks to their pre-trained algorithm! Generate answers for any question that comes your way or power through tedious writing tasks by having the program effortlessly summarize input. Unleash untold potential with this revolutionary technology today!


  • Built-In Grammar Fixer
  • AIDA and PAS Formula
  • Support for 20 Languages
  • Content Expander & Rephraser
  • Create Content For Landing Pages, Blog Posts, Products & Ads
  • SEO Optimized Content
  • Landing Page Templates
  • Text Editor For Editing & Writing Content


  • Free trial – ten credits free of cost
  • Basic plan costs $15/mo or $150/year-  75 credits
  • Professional plan costs $45/mo or $450/year – unlimited credits
  • Startup plan costs $95/mo or $950/year – unlimited credits
  • Agency plan costs $195/mo or $1950/year – unlimited credits to use


Copysmith – With its revolutionary copywriting tool, Copysmith harnesses the power of machine learning to produce high-converting content in no time. By leveraging insight and expertise from award-winning copywriters, marketing specialists at world’s top agencies, plus AI experts – this gamechanging platform will help you craft perfect messages by actively adapting it according to your editing preferences.

With Copysmith, you can take the hassle out of copywriting. Just give it some keywords and you’ll have a solid base to help get your ideas off the ground in no time! A great tool for any creative process, Copysmith helps brainstorming, editing and reviewing be all managed efficiently—all under one roof!


  • E-commerce product descriptions
  • Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn Ads
  • Blog outlining, creation, and posting
  • YouTube Video descriptions
  • Content rephraser
  • Content summarizer
  • User-friendly interface
  • Plagiarism checker


  • Strater Plan – Monthly – $19 / Yearly – $192
  • Professional Plan – Monthly – $59 / Yearly – $600
  • Enterprise Plan – Customized to fit your specific business needs, consult the CopySmith team


CopyAI is the perfect AI writing assistant to turbocharge your creative marketing efforts. With just a few clicks, you can develop captivating copy in moments – from blog headlines and product descriptions to introductions – all crafted with its innovative automatic capabilities! Boasting one of the most powerful language models around, CopyAI has already aided over 1 million individuals create content that stands out above their competitors.

CopyAI is the go-to AI writing tool for top marketers, with companies such as eBay, Nestle and Microsoft trusting their content creation to it. Offering templates in multiple languages – CopyAI excels at producing quality copy quickly and easily.


  • Long-form content creator
  • Simplify sentences
  • Generate Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads.
  • Social media captions
  • Meta descriptions
  • Product descriptions
  • Content rephraser
  • Blog Ideas, Titles, and Outlines


  • Pro Plan: $49/monthly and $420/annually
  • Enterprise Plan: Customized solutions for your specific needs. Contact CopyAI’s solutions team.


LongShot AI – Crafting compelling content can be a daunting task, but it’s essential to the success of your company. For many, hours are spent pouring over research only for that blank page to mock you in its emptiness. Don’t let all those efforts go down the drain – get smarter with blog posts and start driving up sales!

If you’re tired of spending hours every week toiling over your blog posts, has the perfect solution! This AI-powered tool gives you high converting content in a flash – just minutes instead of hours will have your latest post ready to go! Take control and streamline time spent on writing with one amazing product.


  • Long-form content generator
  • Content fact-checker
  • Content rephraser
  • FAQ generator
  • Content Extender
  • Product descriptions
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Blog topic suggestions
  • Paragraph Shredder   
  • Content Summarizer


  • Basic Plan: This plan is free to use but with limitations
  • Pro Plan $39.90/monthly – $104.7/Quarterly – $358.8/Annually
  • Enterprise Plan $99.90/monthly – $284.7/Quarterly – $1078.8/Annually


Outranking is more than just an AI-powered SEO platform – it’s a game changer! With its combination of industry research, advanced SEO metrics, and creative AI writing capabilities that can create original content tailored to your specific needs, Outranking empowers marketers and professionals alike to effortlessly outpace their competitors. It’s the definitive choice for anyone looking to maximize ROI with unparalleled speed.

Unlock your maximum content creation potential with Outranking! Our AI writing tool offers step-by-step assistance to craft the most compelling and relevant online articles, so you can quickly rise above competitors. Take advantage of our integration services too—including Google Docs, Grammarly, SEMrush and WordPress—for a streamlined publishing experience without breaking into a sweat!


  • SEO Content Editor
  • Outline Builder
  • Prebuilt Workflows
  • Website Audit for Content optimization
  • AI Templates for – Advertising campaigns, Emails, Product descriptions, and more
  • Social Media posts
  • Google NLP topics optimization


  • Mega Plan – $49/monthly and $480/annually.
  • Giga Plan – $99/monthly and $984/annually.
  • Tera Plan – $189/monthly and $1884/annually.
  • Enterprise Plan – Contact Outranking Sales Solutions


SEO leaders brought dynamic innovation to the industry with INK for all in 2017. This artificial intelligence uses cutting-edge reverse engineering and identifies competitor content, guiding you every step of the way on how to best outrank them. The results? Singlehandedly transforming your chances of Google page 1 ranking by up 450%, producing quality content five times faster than before – plus increasing headline click-through rates & engagement like never before!

Make your content optimization a breeze with INK for all! This amazing tool allows you to brainstorm subject ideas, write, edit and optimize – everything in one place. And when it’s time to go live on WordPress? Just use the import companion app alongside INK and watch as they work together like magic!


  • Search Engine Optimized Content
  • Relevance Optimization
  • Grammar & Spelling Checker
  • Readability Analyzer
  • Chrome Extension
  • WordPress Integration


  • Starter Plan: $22/monthly and $8.80/Annually
  • Pro SEO Plan: $55/monthly and $44/Annually
  • Team SEO Unlimited Plan: $222/monthly and $177/annually

How You Can Use AI In Content Marketing?

AI has great value to content marketers and can help them create better content that resonates with their target audience. Here are some ways AI can be used in content marketing:

Where AI Content Does Work

  • Content Research and Analysis – AI-driven content research tools use natural language processing to uncover trends, topics, and insights from webpages, blogs and other sources. This helps marketers generate ideas for creating relevant content that resonates with the target audience.
  • Personalization – AI can be used to personalize website experience for each visitor by providing personalized images and CTAs according to user data. Additionally, it is helpful in segmenting customer databases based on customer interests and buying behaviors.
  • Product descriptions – AI can be utilized to create accurate and keyword-rich product descriptions that are tailored to the needs of customers.
  • Meta descriptions – AI can be used to generate meta descriptions for website pages that help search engines understand the content of webpages.
  • Content optimization– AI can be used to optimize the content on a website by providing suggestions for SEO-friendly phrases and relevant keywords.
  • To support a writer’s productivity- AI-based tools can be used to help writers create content faster by providing them with useful content suggestions and templates.
  • Grammar and spelling corrections– AI tools can be used to quickly correct spelling and grammar mistakes in content.
  • Analyzing customer data- AI can help marketers analyze customer data to better understand their needs and preferences, and create content that resonates with them.

Where AI Content Doesn’t Work

Artificial intelligence doesn’t work for all types of content . Some of the areas where AI content creation may not be suitable include:

  • Creating literary works- AI tools cannot create original stories or poems, as this requires creative thinking and unique ideas.
  • Producing complex technical documents- AI tools are limited when it comes to producing complex reports that involve complicated topics, such as scientific research or legal documents.
  • Creating data-driven content – AI tools are not yet advanced enough to produce content that is 100% data-driven.
  • Writing long-form articles – AI technology has difficulty writing expansive articles or reports with multiple topics and depth of detail.

Selecting the Right Tools for the Job

Selecting an overall “best of the best” among these applications is a nearly impossible task with the development paths and original goals of each platform. It is best to go through the individual features of each application and decide which one fits your particular needs.

Many AI tools are limited in what they can do, so it’s important to read up on the available applications and select the ones that fit your requirements.

We found that the applications we selected for review fell into 3 categories for us. The first type is general AI writing software that covers the basic needs of most businesses.

Best AI Writing tools

In this category there were four strong contenders with Jasper, Article Forge, WordAI, and Longshot AI.

Even within this category there was no clear winner as each application had its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, Jasper lets you customize the grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure of your content while Article Forge allows you to quickly generate large amounts of content with just a few clicks.

Meanwhile WordAI offers human-like writing capabilities while Longshot AI provides an AI-driven personal assistant for writers who need help with research and writing.

For our agency purposes, we liked Jasper as the interface allows for templated support or free form writing depending on the project. However, for enterprises faced with large amounts of content that requires research, we would recommend Article Forge or Longshot AI as the more appropriate solution. Whatever tool you decide to use, it is important that your content maintains a human touch while leveraging the latest technologies available.

Best Online AI Marketing Tools

This category has an interesting bunch of contenders. INK for All and Outranking were by far the most intuitive from a marketers perspective . They come with many features such as audience segmentation, automated content creation, and optimization for search engine ranking.

While CopyAI and Copysmith offers some SEO features, they are not currently as robust as the ones offered by INK for All or Outranking. Moreover, CopyAI and Copysmith come with a smaller pool of content types compared to their rivals.

So with prices all comparable, we evaluated on breadth of features and customer support. INK for All and Outranking came out on top in both categories, which makes them our go-to choice when it comes to marketing tools.

Best AI Copywriter on a Budget

Writesonic and and Rytr are our picks for writers or agencies that are on a tight budget. Writesonic offers a basic AI-driven content generation service while Rytr offers more advanced features like sentiment analysis and natural language processing. For those on a tighter budget, these services could get the job done without breaking the bank.

In terms of SEO optimization though, both services pale in comparison to INK for All and Outranking. We would still recommend Writesonic and Rytr for basic content generation, but for those looking to optimize their content for search engine optimization, INK for All and Outranking are the way to go.

Will AI take over the content creation industry?

At this point in time, the answer appears to be no. While AI is certainly capable of producing some types of content, it cannot yet replace human writers when it comes to creating original, complex and data-driven content. In addition, human writers are better equipped to understand customer needs and create content that resonates with their target audience.

Ultimately, AI tools can be used to enhance the productivity of content creation by taking care of the more mundane tasks such as checking for errors or generating ideas. However, at least for now, humans will remain superior when it comes to creating quality content. As technology advances however, that may well change in the future.

Content created using Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly popular in recent years. These tools have the potential to save time for marketers who are under pressure to produce high volumes of content quickly.

However, it is important to remember that AI does not yet possess the creativity or capacity for empathy required to truly understand and connect with audiences. Ultimately, content created by machines will struggle to stand out from the crowd and make an impact on readers’ emotions in the same way that human writers can.

For now at least, a combination of people and technology can be used to reach maximum efficiency when creating content. By using AI to complete more mundane tasks such as research or editing, human writers’ efforts can be focused on the creative elements that machines cannot yet replicate.

AI can also be used to help writers craft content faster and more accurately, by suggesting alternative words and phrases or providing in-depth analytics on visitor engagement with a particular piece of content. This helps speed up the process of creating effective content, enabling writers to make informed decisions quickly.

By combining AI technology with traditional writing techniques, marketing organizations can benefit from increased accuracy and efficiency in their content creation processes. AI can be used to automate quality analysis, reduce manual errors, and even allow for real-time optimization of content. Furthermore, AI enables writers to quickly gather data and gain insight into the performance of their content so they can make informed decisions on how best to refine it. With AI technology, marketing teams can create powerful content that truly speaks to their audience and sets them apart from the competition.

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