Before you read on… If you’re like most energy companies, utilities in particular, you’ve traditionally had multi-year contracts with implementers to do everything for your programs including branding and marketing.

Ask yourself: “Would I get my mechanic to manage my financial portfolio?” We trust you get the point and that you also get that it doesn’t work anymore. Read on and enjoy hearing from marketing experts that specialize in energy marketing...

Utility and Energy Marketing Agency

The energy industry is undergoing significant changes that are challenging traditional marketing approaches and requiring creative solutions. From demand response and program promotions to electric vehicles and renewable energy, there are a wide range of exciting opportunities in energy marketing to explore.

One of the major disruptions in the energy industry is the increasing adoption of renewable energy sources, which are changing the traditional electric and natural gas markets. This shift is also being driven by the proliferation of distributed generation and the growing popularity of electric vehicles.

In addition to these trends, the energy industry is facing increased competition and a range of rate changes across the country. All of these factors make it more important than ever for energy marketers to be able to effectively promote their products and services to customers.

This is where we, IDLab, come in. IDLab is a full-service utility and energy marketing agency (digital marketing and traditional marketing) skilled in adroitly motivating customers while navigating the complexities of marketing for utility companies in the heavily regulated energy industry.

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Renewable Energy Marketing

If you are in the renewable and green energy space you should be booming at the moment and see a clear path to continued profitable growth ahead of you. If you’re not, you need us more than we need to say. If you are booming and not dominating your market you still need us more than we need to say.

According to one report, solar and wind industries alone are creating jobs at a rate 12x faster than that of the overall economy. This is driven by material reductions in manufacturing and installation costs. This wave of growth was initially fueled by state and local building efficiency policies and incentives but those incentives are now at risk of being discontinued. If they are discontinued, your growth will grind to a halt. But, there is a real bright spot on the demand side – fueled by consumer demand for cheaper and more environmentally friendly technologies. We can capitalize on that for you.

What this market shift demands is that you reallocate more resources to marketing and capture the hearts, minds and wallets of consumers. This sounds self-servicing but its the reality if you want to be a real player in the market.

Have you made the shift? Do you know how? 

We are ready and we know what to do to accelerate your growth even as the renewable energy market shifts.

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Solar Energy Marketing

With consumer demand up for solar almost 50% year over year we couldn’t have a better signal that the market is ready to truly embrace solar and spend to get it. Now is the time to grab every point of solar market share possible. Where there is revenue growth there is competitive growth and we have the solar marketing expertise to neuter competitors while capturing every share point (paying customer) you deserve.

We drive a full range of solar digital marketing services including:

  • Awareness
  • Message Platform Creation
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Performance marketing
  • Branding (strategic and design)
  • Sales materials
  • Measurement

As an aside, several of our IDLab team members have installed solar at their homes so we are intimately aware of what consumers are looking for and how purchase decisions are made.

Energy & Utilities Marketing Consulting and Services

We are a full service marketing agency offering proven solutions to improve brand affinity (think JD Power scores), drive demand response, elevate program participation/awareness, increase rate adoption and move you into (profitable) new spaces.

Below you will find a short list of what we do, but our custom approach allows for great flexibility and personalization to make sure you get what you need from your marketing, your business and your customers.

Energy Marketing & Strategy Services



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Energy Marketing - The New Fundamentals for Every Marketer

Whether you are new to the energy industry or a seasoned program implementer who wants to better how marketing works in your industry, our free guide was designed for you. 

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