DTE Insight & Smarthome

Reinvented this energy efficiency program for bigger energy savings and new revenue.

Changed consumer expectations, new competitive threats and contracting traditional revenue sources are forcing utilities like DTE to reinvent how they engage/sell customers. By reinventing DTE’s Insight product line, ID Lab gave DTE the answers it needed, and took the actions necessary, to win against all three market pressures.
ID wrote the business plan, completed a comprehensive customer and journey analysis and overhauled all marketing. Taking a consumer marketing and product management approach, we structured the DTE Insight product line into three easy-to-buy offerings; the digital app, the Energy Bridge and DTE SmartHome (a simple to buy good/better/best approach). We then repositioned the product toward the home automation market (IoT) which delivered an increase in product revenue, energy savings and laid the foundation for a new long-term revenue source.

Some of the marketing we did:

  • Customer experience design
  • Logo design for the full line of products
  • Primary and secondary customer research
  • Product usability research
  • Year-long market feasibility study (pilot)
  • All marketing and messaging (web, video, ad units, social, email, print, OOH, TV, etc.)
  • Brand positioning and architecture
  • Photo and video production
  • Business plan with 5yr. financial projections (revenue and energy savings)


  • 29.3% reduction in energy use by five-time users
  • Display ads click-through-rates over 5x industry average
  • Mobile engagement and click-through-rates 1.8x higher than industry benchmark
  • Social media engagement 1.5x higher than client average
  • Email open rate as high as 50% above average
  • Landing Page conversion rate as high as 33% (not a typo!)

The Results

0 x
Display ads Click-Through-Rates
0 %
Landing Page Conversion
0 x
Social Media Engagement
0 %
Email Open Rate

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New name, new brand, new products, new site, new marketing and more sales.

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